Working to provide you with the best service and products available!

My family has been in the woodworking business since the early 1900's. My great grandfather owned a furniture manufacturing business in Denmark. During World War II, they lost the business and decided to immigrate to America. Upon arrival, he started another wood working business which included cribbage boards. He taught my grandfather everything he knows today.

Fast forward about 65 years and my grandfather, Carl, is still working a full work week teaching my family and I everything that he knows about woodworking. At 84 years old, he is still creating amazing designs for new types of products.

Starting businesses has been in my families history for many generations. In the summer of 2017, I decided to take on the task of starting a business. With the help of my family, I want to create a brand that is well known and trusted on Etsy. At Midwest Oaks, we promise to provide a high quality product and friendly customer service so you can have the best experience possible!

Matt Lindquist
Owner of Midwest Oaks